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Some of the best things in science are unexpected discoveries – things that surprise the researches that discover them almost by accident. Such a finding recently cropped up in a study underway in Canada: flaxseed can ower blod pressure. Health food advocates and alternative medicine practitioners have long considered flaxseed a “superfood” because of it’s  [ Read More ]

Anything we can do to control I blood pressure naturally is generally a good idea. The basics include a healthy diet, losing weight managing stress, and exercising. In addition some supplements can help as well. Now there’s a new one on the scene, a supplement made from kefir grains. I had always thought of kefir  [ Read More ]

As if having either high blood pressure or prostate cancer wasn’t bad enough but it now appears that having both is even more deadly. This is one of the conclusions of the study published in October of 2012 in the American Cancer Society Journal. The study was part of the Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer (MeCan)  [ Read More ]

Here is a category of people with high blood pressure that I hope you never find yourself in: treatment resistant hypertension. Any degree of high blood pressure is bad enough, but at least most people can bring it under control with appropriate changes in the diet, losing some weight and a carefully calibrated drug regimen.  [ Read More ]

Well here’s more good news on the diet and high blood pressure front. Blueberries may help reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure or lower your blood pressure if it’s already running high. The studies suggesting this a rather preliminary but but the results are exciting nonetheless. One of the studies looked at the  [ Read More ]

It’s accepted as an article of faith that if you have high blood pressure it should be treated. A recent study reported in JAMA brings that into question. Actually, I think the situation is more complicated than the press is making it out to be. Here’s the deal. the study looked at people in Canada  [ Read More ]

the most important thing for an unborn child’s health is to have a healthy mom. The expecting mother’s diet clearly affects the child’s development. We also know that things such as smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy have an adverse effect on the child. Another issue is high blood pressure that develops during pregnancy. Medical  [ Read More ]

it’s pretty obvious that kids today aren’t as healthy as they once were. If you take a look at the class pictures from the 50s and 60s and compare them to the day the change in the rate of obesity is startling. But that’s not the worst of it. Not only are kids carrying extra  [ Read More ]

High blood pressure is a serious risk factor for life-threatening problems, particularly heart disease and stroke. Experts recognize that treating blood pressure is crucial for good health. While the standard medical approach is drug therapy, there other adjuncts data very helpful. These include a healthy diet, exercise smoking sensation, mineral supplementation and so on. Now  [ Read More ]