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Anything we can do to control I blood pressure naturally is generally a good idea. The basics include a healthy diet, losing weight managing stress, and exercising. In addition some supplements can help as well. Now there’s a new one on the scene, a supplement made from kefir grains.

I had always thought of kefir as a kind of a thin, yogurt-like drink. I guess it is in some ways, but it’s more complicated than I thought.

Kefir is apparently made by adding kefir grains to mill, either goats milk or cow milk. Kefir grains are specific kinds of bacteria and yeast mixed in with proteins, fats and sugars.

There’s been some folk tradition suggesting that kefir can help high blood pressure. That led research teams from two universities inTaiwanto cooperate on research to see if they could produce a supplement derived from kefir grains. They claim to have succeeded and announced the launch of a product on October 23, 2012.

I have to say that the details were a little thin. In an interview announcing the launch the research team’s director, Chen Hsiao-ling, didn’t really present any studies showing just how effective the supplement was. However, he seemed very confident that this was a significant development and would have a significant impact on the Taiwanese economy by allowingTaiwanto enter the international market for health products.

The supplement may be something to look for. In the meantime, may be it would be best to do it the old-fashioned way: drinking kefir.

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